Best Chrome Apps

08/29 to 08/30

Top 20 Best Social & Comm Apps

1 Group Connection

110% Growth

It's a free messenger apps. The user feels easy to understand and can do communication with the friend in facebook.

741 Users

2 Snapchat For PC

106% Growth

Download Snapchat™ for windows

9,862 Users


106% Growth

Online shopping from the earth's biggest selection of books, fashion, music, videos, shoes, jewelry and just about anything else

1,916 Users

4 Free URL Shortener - Itsy Bitsy

106% Growth

Itsy Bitsy allows you to easily shorten and monitor your long URL's. Register now and start your ibty experience.

672 Users

5 Odnoklassniki fast login

105% Growth

One click account access!

1,184 Users

6 gUnify Sip Client

105% Growth

EARLY BETA RELEASE - gUnify WebRTC Sip Client for Chromebooks and Chrome

776 Users

7 Yokel

105% Growth

Group chat with Google Drive integration for slackjawed-yokels

627 Users

8 Pinterest one click login

104% Growth

One click Pinterest account access!

3,735 Users

9 - Chat Messaging for Teams

104% Growth

Chat Messaging for Teams

803 Users

10 Character Count

104% Growth

Count the letters in the text. Also provide information related to number of non-whitespace characters, words and lines

637 Users

11 gUnify Chat

104% Growth

gUnify Chat Application

675 Users

12 VKontakte one click login

104% Growth

One click VKontakte account access!

1,188 Users

13 ChatWork

104% Growth

ChatWork is a communication platform designed for companies and teams

9,442 Users

14 Photo Story

104% Growth

Tell a story with your photos and share it with your friends with Photo Story

4,711 Users

15 Yellow Cal

104% Growth

Make plans with Yellow!

573 Users

16 InstaPLAYr

103% Growth

The most amazing way to share your best pictures

587 Users

17 Fast Search for eBay

103% Growth

Highly configurable, feature rich eBay app.

4,151 Users

18 Movenote for Google Drive™

103% Growth

Present your documents with video.

16,091 Users

19 Compare Hatke

103% Growth

Compare prices for any product across Flipkart, Amazon and 50 others before you purchase.

2,044 Users

20 Victoria's Secret

103% Growth

Victoria"s Secret

3,259 Users

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