Best Chrome Apps

10/21 to 10/22

Top 20 Best Social & Comm Apps

#1 Best Online Shopping Deals Site

104% Growth

"A One Stop Search For All Your Needs"

700 Users

#2 Cell PhoneFinder

104% Growth

Use this app to help you find your lost cell phone.

3,912 Users

#3 Etsy Marketing Email Signature

104% Growth

Etsy Sellers Signature - Promote your latest Etsy Items - Handmade art or jewelry in every email you send!

957 Users

#4 Voicenter Toolbar

103% Growth

Voicenter Representitive Toolbar

571 Users

#5 Newman API

103% Growth

Form2Mail for Static Websites

695 Users

#6 Eventility

103% Growth

Organise Promote Discover: Events, Clubs, Groups Communities & Places

605 Users

#7 Funny & Meaningful Quotes

103% Growth

Meaningful life quotes, funny holiday quotes and sweet love quotes for all occasions

918 Users

#8 FE

103% Growth

URL Shortener

1,293 Users

#9 IRC QuakeNet webchat

103% Growth

QuakeNet is a large IRC network. People from all over the world connect to QuakeNet to communicate directly from your browser.

1,394 Users

#10 CIRC

103% Growth

An IRC client for Chrome

39,440 Users

#11 USA Homes for Sale

103% Growth

Great place where you can search homes for sale across the United States.

718 Users

#12 Cranium Fitteds

103% Growth

Cranium Fitteds has the biggest selection of exclusive Snapback hats and fitteds that you wont find anywhere else!

882 Users

#13 jPhoneLite

103% Growth

Java VoIP Phone

933 Users

#14 Outfits 2014 for Girls

103% Growth

Best summer outfits in 2014. Party and holiday outfits make you more attactive

1,150 Users

#15 Gmail Print All Pro

103% Growth

Have you ever needed to print emails and attachments from Gmail only to find that you had to open each email one at a time in or

1,839 Users

#16 gUnify Chat

102% Growth

gUnify Chat Application

864 Users

#17 Banckle Chat

102% Growth

Banckle Live Chat

540 Users

#18 SammyDress

102% Growth

Latest Fashion, Lowest Prices and the Best Service

985 Users

#19 tibbr

102% Growth

The social network for workclick-to-dial links.">

797 Users

#20 Best selling items on eBay

102% Growth

Browse the best selling items on eBay by pressing a single button.

555 Users

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